The Best Food To Help Cut Water Weight Naturally

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Add this to your diet to cut water weight.

Nutrition is absolutely paramount if you want to make consistent and considerable gains. It’s one thing to workout hard in the gym, and follow a strict training program, but if you have a terrible diet then all that hard work will ultimately amount to nothing but a waste of time. In order to get the chiseled chest and shredded abs you so desire you’re going to have to be extremely strict with your diet. However, one thing that people underestimate is the effect that water retention has on your physique. That being said, how can you cut water weight?

Let’s take a look at what exactly goes into retaining water, and how to cut it.

Why Cutting Water is Important

Water weight is more of an issue than you may think, on the bodybuilding stage in particular. While it may seem like a few extra pounds on the scale are not a huge deal, it is the appearance that water weight gives that is detrimental. Water weight looks as though the bodybuilder is softer, and is holding more body fat than they actually are. When the water weight is cut, that individual will look so much more shredded, as there is now less substance between the skin and muscles.

That being said, while it is not recommended to walk around completely depleted of water weight all the time, it certainly is important on the bodybuilding stage.

Nutrition Overview

A lot of us know about macronutrition, the percentage breakdown of the fats, proteins, and carbs that we consume on a daily basis. If you wish to get the right amount of energy, the ability to absorb nutrients, and the ability to grow muscle mass then you have to be sure that your ratios are in the right percentage. But besides understanding your macronutrient breakdown, knowing what to eat for enhanced results and health is also essential.

That being said, there are certain foods that can really help you cut out water weight. Let’s take a look at one of the major ones that can really help you get rid of that excess water.

The Best Food to Cut Water Weight

There are super foods out there that can help to support your further growth, cut water weight and help your health and wellness goals. One such super food is undoubtedly asparagus. That’s right, asparagus can help you cut water weight. It’s one of those vegetables that hold a lot more benefits than holding fiber and being low calorie. It provides other essential nutrients and can guarantee to improve your appearance.

So why should you put some asparagus on your plate? Well, this vegetable can be the one major trick that will help with your competition prep. How exactly? Get all the info below along with a few other facts that make asparagus an invaluable super food.

What Asparagus Does for Water Weight

Now you may be wondering what aspects asparagus exactly helps with when it comes to cutting water weight and getting ready for a bodybuilding competition.

Drying out

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So what’s the big secret behind asparagus? If you’re worried about keeping on water weight then it can be an unbelievable tool. The amino acid asparagine present in asparagus can help prevent water retention which will help you to achieve a more shredded, dryer appearance. The amino acid also helps combat high blood pressure. What’s one of the best ways to accomplish this? Get rid of asparagus completely 2 weeks before you start shedding water weight… then make it your key vegetable when you actually start to drop water.


Generation Iron Asparagus

This super food contains glutathione which is great for it’s ability to prevent inflammation as well as detoxifies pollutants in the body – which can hinder your progress. You have no idea how important it is to detoxify the body in order to see further development and asparagus offers that up more than adequately. It can also combat carcinogens as well as help with blood clotting and circulation.


Asparagus is filled with folate which strengthens the production of red blood cells which in turn carries oxygen to the muscles. That being said, you can have better blood flow by consuming asparagus, and in turn that can mean better muscle pumps. Better blood flow also means it bolsters muscle growth as well as provides the energy needed to make your muscles work overtime to experience hypertrophy.

Strong Bones

The copper that fills asparagus is great for generating connective tissue like collagen within the body. This helps to keep the bones sturdy as well as keeping the muscles strong.

The Best Supplement to Cut Water Weight

While asparagus and a proper diet can certainly help with cutting water weight, it may not be enough to dry you out for the bodybuilding stage. That being said, it may be worth it to check out a good supplement to cut water weight.


XPEL is a trusted diuretic formula used by fitness models, bodybuilders and millions of consumers for over a decade because it works, and is safer than other options.

While we are on the topic of getting rid of water retention, it is worth noting that many times, diuretics can be dangerous. They have been known to cause severe harm to the body, hospitalizing many users of them. However, MHP has released an herbal diuretic that helps shed water weight in a safe way. 

XPEL is packed with all natural ingredients such as Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are combined in a formula designed to remove excess water weight and reduce bloating fast, and safely. While you see a lot of bodybuilders using more intense diuretics for bodybuilding competitions such as the Mr. Olympia, XPEL can help you get slim and slender for any occasion whether it’s going to the beach, out on a date, easing menstrual cramps, or just to help you look and feel your best.

Wrap Up

Overall, cutting water weight can make a night and day difference in your physique. Asparagus is one of the bodybuilding superfoods that can really help you do it.

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