The Controversial Logan Paul is Taking His Upcoming Fight With KSI Seriously

Logan Paul is a man controversy.

Logan Paul has reached a level of infamy that has seen him explode in popularity in recent years. First gaining popularity on Vine, Logan Paul would go on to build a massive social media and YouTube following.

Known for making content on a wide variety of subjects, Logan Paul has been the subject of controversy in the past. When he visited Japan, Paul and a group of friends traveled to the infamous “suicide forest” in Aokigahara at the base of Fuji. Paul got into legal trouble for capturing a suicide victim on film and posting the video to YouTube. It was certainly a less than classy move by Paul who has constantly pushed the limits of what’s acceptable.

But ultimately that’s who Logan Paul is, a young man who is willing to put himself in compromising situations in order to generate controversy, but most importantly interest in his personal brand.

It’s the reason that he finds himself battling fellow internet personality Olajide Olatunji AKA KSI in a rematch of their August 2018 bout. Many pundits have looked on the boxing match with outrage and scorn, stating that the bout is essentially a slap in the face of professional boxing.

In spite of that, it appears that both Logan Paul and KSI are taking the bout seriously as they’ve put in a ton of work in preparation for the fight on November 9. While he may not have been able to participate in the Russian Slap Championships, his upcoming interview with Vlad Yudin on the battle between himself and KSI lends credence to the fact that this bout will go on without a hitch.

This recent training footage also shows Logan Paul giving it his all in preparation for the upcoming bout.


Will you be tuning into watch Logan Paul battle KSI?

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