The Final Answer: Whole Eggs Or Egg Whites?

Which is the way to go?

The delicate science that is known as bodybuilding can be extremely difficult to master. It’s certainly not the easiest of endeavors. If it was, everyone in the world would look like a superhero. Sadly for those who have aspiration of looking like their favorite comic book character, it’s going to take a whole lot more than just pushing some heavy weight. In order to attain the kind of body a pro athlete has then it’s going to take a bunch of trial and error, experimenting with your body until you get the right formula for success.

One of the things that you’ll have to experiment with is no doubt nutrition. It’s a staple of bodybuilding and an absolute necessary evil to conquer if you want to see some major gains. Nutrition can make or break an athlete’s physique and if handled improperly the consequences could be pretty considerable. There’s nothing worse then bulking and putting on more fat that muscle. It takes a measured approach in order to gain some quality muscle without ruining your physical form.

Take for example the concept of protein. Many first time bodybuilders and athletes don’t understand just how much they should be taking in. It’s not uncommon as most people aren’t going to have the answers unless they put in the research. The quality as well as the quantity of protein is pretty dire to your nutrition goals.

For example: many people starting out in bodybuilding don’t understand that an egg isn’t just an egg. There’s a big difference between eating a whole egg or consuming egg whites. Many don’t understand the benefits or the drawbacks of each.

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