The Rock Shows Nasty Elbow Injury While Filming “The Smashing Machine”

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The Rock got “smashed up” while filming his new movie.

The Rock is in the middle of filming a new movie called “The Smashing Machine,” where he will portray legendary fighter Mark Kerr. On Tuesday, Dwayne Johnson showed off an elbow injury that he sustained while on set.

“As you guys know, I’m filming a movie called ‘The Smashing Machine.’ And Anytime your film is called ‘The Smashing Machine,’ well you’re kind of going to get smashed up.”

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After a brief stint back in the WWE, where he was one of the headliners of WrestleMania, The Rock began preparing for his new role. Johnson returned to the WWE and created a rivalry with Cody Rhodes as he looked to finish his story at the biggest event in professional wrestling.

Mark Kerr was an All-American and National Championship wrestler at Syracuse before diving into MMA. He went onto become a two-time UFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion and World Vale Tudo tournament champion. Kerr was also successful wrestler following his collegiate career.

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The Rock Shows Elbow Injury

Johnson shared a video from his kitchen discussing his recent injury.

“Pain feels pretty good but all good. It is what it is, until it isn’t.

Looks like I have a cantaloupe in the bottom of my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes. There might be some soft tissue damage in there. That’s a lot of fluid. I have to get that out of there before I get an MRI.”


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The Rock has suffered many injuries over the course of his professional wrestling career. This includes four knee surgeries and multiple torn muscles. He claims he is used to the pain and called for some advice on anti-inflammatories.

“My old man used to say, ‘a day without pain is like a day without sunshine, boy.’ If you guys have any advanced advice on some great anti-inflammatories, please let me know.”

The video ended with Johnson drinking a glass of ‘Teremana’ tequila before hitting the gym. He joked that this was the best way to handle the pain.

“I gotta tell you, even with all the advanced medicine out there that can take care of this, it feels better already.”

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