Ronnie Coleman Breaks Down The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ Leg Day Routine

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Ronnie Coleman commented on The Rock’s recent leg day routine.

Ronnie Coleman created a series on YouTube where he reacts to different videos within the gym. This could be some insane lifts done by gym goers or fails that have gained attention. Recently, he took a different path and watched The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout and shared his commentary.

“Let’s go. The ‘Final Boss’ is in the house. Let’s go, DJ. Let’s show them how it’s supposed to be done baby!”

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The Rock has put together one of the most well-known physiques in Hollywood. Over the years, he has maintained an impressive build and has showed much dedication. This includes late-night workouts in his ‘Iron Paradise’ and strict diet plans, followed by legendary cheat meals.

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Ronnie Coleman Critiques The Rock’s Leg Day

The video began with Dwayne Johnson warming up on the iso-lateral leg press machine.

“Lightweight baby, warming it up. Take your time. Oh yeah, there you go. The ‘Final Boss’ is in the house. Let’s go, DJ. Let’s show them how it’s supposed to be done baby!”


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The workout continued with walking lunges. Ronnie Coleman commented on his method of performing lunges and had similar views to Dr. Mike Israetel of RP Strength.

“That is kind of a weak way to do them lunges though. I don’t know what that was. We need to change that one up.”

Dr. Mike commented on this same workout and believed that the way The Rock performed lunges shows that his knees were compromised. Coleman offered his help to Johnson in terms of lunges.

“I don’t know about this one, DJ. I don’t know about them lunges with the dumbbell but at least you are doing something. Yeah buddy! I think I need to show you the Big Ron way of doing the walking lunges with the weight on your back, getting them hams, quads, and glutes swoll.”


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The Rock’s Leg Workout

Ronnie Coleman offered a workout session to The Rock next time they are both in Dallas.

“Next time you in Texas, DJ, let’s get together. Let’s get one going buddy. Show you how to do them lunges Big Ron style. We’ll let you get away with that since you the Final Boss.”

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