The Rock Explains “High Volume, Less Weight” Leg Day To Add Gain With Less Pain

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The Rock has tailored his leg workout to add muscle while avoiding joint pain.

The Rock has shared many leg workouts over the years in his legendary “Iron Paradise” home gym. Recently, he shared some tips on how he has continued to add gains while avoiding injuries.

Dwayne Johnson has started training for his role as legendary fighter Mark Kerr in “The Smashing Machine.” He has taken on an MMA-style training system so he can put on the best performance possible for this role. Johnson has been busy in 2024 so far and this includes going back to where it all began.

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After a brief stint back in the WWE, where he was one of the headliners of WrestleMania, The Rock began preparing for his new role. Johnson returned to the WWE and created a rivalry with Cody Rhodes as he looked to finish his story at the biggest event in professional wrestling.

Ronnie Coleman and Dr. Mike Israetel are two fitness pros who have critiqued The Rocks’ finisher leg day. When performing lunges, the exercise scientist spoke on Johnson’s form and claims he thought his “knees were f*cked up.”

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The Rock Talks Leg Day Methods

The Rock discussed some of his past injuries and explains they are the reason he has changed up his priorities when working his legs.

“After four knee surgeries, one Achilles tear, quad tear, adductor tear, two disc ruptures in my low back and torn abdomen wall – my body loves this approach and training strategy 😉💪🏾”


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Johnson shared a video performing a 30-degree squat wedge. It was four sets of 15 where he did not go heavy on the weight. Instead, he focused on form and volume.

“Over the years and dealing with injuries, I’ve found it’s much more effective and optimal for me to do my squats at the very end of my leg workout when my legs are on fire 🔥 and full of blood and lactic acid.

I can go higher volume with less heavy weight on my back – and get greater gains with much less joint pain.”

Johnson continues to train in many ways to prepare for this role and keep his physique in the best shape possible.

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