Wisdom Of The Pros: Top 4 Essential Muscle Building Secrets

Max your muscle: The pros know best!

There are so many bodybuilding gurus and coaches out there it’s likely hard for an amateur to choose one that will help them obtain the best gain max muscle. When considering the fact that you need some good advice in order to reach your greatest potential then you’re going to want to get advice from those who have been in the trenches before.

Sometimes people discredit the broscience they hear in the gym rather choosing to follow the advice of a professional trainer. But the reality is that certain broscience is valid. These are individuals who have been there and done that. In terms of broscience sometimes there’s nothing better than the professionals who have reached the highest level of bodybuilding. Check out a few quotes from the pros that you might want to keep in mind next time you hit the gym.

Branch Warren

Branch Warren Throwback Motivation Generation Iron

“After warm-ups, which should not be to failure, obviously, I like to take all my sets to failure. Because I train that way, I don’t do as many work sets as other guys might. Rarely will I do more than three sets of an exercise. Often, I will take the final set beyond failure with some forced reps or a drop set.”

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder

“Many have described my form as sloppy. But like I say, it’s about stimulating the muscle and doing what you as an individual have to do in order to make that happen. If “textbook” form does that for you, great. If you have to use some swing to feel the muscle fibers firing, then that’s OK, too. In the end, all that really matters is what gets results for you.”

Kai Greene

Kai Greene Generation Iron“Don’t make the mistake of going super heavy on leg extensions, at least not if you are doing them first. Lately, it’s come to light that heavy leg extensions can be hazardous to the knees, which is ironic when you consider that they are used so frequently in physical therapy for knee injuries. It’s all about blood flow and getting a light pump in the quads, before I head over to the squat rack. Squats are the main event on leg day.”

Dorian Yates

“I consider the type of training I did, and still advocate, to be high-intensity training. So, what is HIT? Anyone can have their own definition and keep it as specific and narrow as they like, but to me, HIT simply acknowledges that the relative intensity of exercise is the key trigger to muscle growth. This extremely intense training needs to be balanced with rest and recovery, so respect has to be given to limiting training frequency and volume.”

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