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Many bodybuilders have the tendency to stick to a handful of movements that they cycle into their program to see the best results. It’s not particularly a bad idea especially if it’s working for the individual. Depending on the individual, the body reacts differently to different methods of training. So finding the sweet spot isn’t particularly a negative in the grand scheme of things. After all, bodybuilding is really about finding what works for you in order to build muscle and burn fat on a consistent basis. But a bodybuilder should be more well rounded if only to have a greater amount of options should they ever hit a plateau.

For example. Say you want to build bigger, stronger legs, as well as want to increase your overall strength in lifts like the squat and deadlift, then performing the cable pull through could be a key to your success.

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The cable pull through may not be a movement that many bodybuilders are performing but the benefits are clearly obvious. The movements of pulling the rope attached to the cable through the legs, hinging your hip in order to perform the exercise will help with a number of things that will easily translate over to your other lifts.

The exercise strengthens your posterior chain, meaning that your hamstring, glutes, hips, and lower back will all be feeling the burn. Getting power into your posterior chain means that you’re going to have more explosive power when performing exercises like the deadlift which relies heavily on having a strong lower half, especially where hip activation is concerned.

Unsure of how to perform the movement? Don’t worry, because thankfully a little thing called the internet means there are tons of resources on how to perform this exercise to perfection. Check out the video below to see an excellent explanation on how to perform the cable pull through like an expert.

Do you perform the cable pull through on leg day?

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