Tom Platz’s Quads Still Impressively Shredded At 67 Years Old In Recent Photo

Tom Platz Quads 67 Years Old bodybuilding
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Tom Platz shows that he is still ‘The Quadfather’ with his “work in progress” shredded quads in a recent photo update

Tom Platz is universally known in the bodybuilding world as the bodybuilder with the greatest legs of all time. In a recent Instagram post, Tom Platz lives up to his name showing off his shredded quads at 67 years old. More impressive, Platz calls the photo update a, “work in progress.” Truly ‘The Quadfather’ indeed.

Tom Platz is a Golden Era bodybuilder who has stood the test of time for having a truly unique physique. The most notable part of that physique were his quads, earning him the nickname ‘The Quadfather.’ Despite not earning notable big name competition trophies – his training method was notoriously famous due to its rigorous nature. Legendary on a level similar to Dorian Yates’ Blood and Guts workouts.

Tom Platz’s last Mr. Olympia appearance came in 1986, where he placed 11th. But that was not the end of Platz’s life and involvement with bodybuilding. This is particularly true in the social media era – where Platz has shared a wide variety of videos showcasing his epic training routines. This includes training new generation younger athletes and pushing them to new limits.

Tom Platz shares recent photo of his massive and shredded quads

Tom Platz has always been very open about his bodybuilding lifestyle both past and present. He has been open about his steroid cycles in the past – and consistently shares training updates well into his 60s.

This latest update, while only a photo, showcases just how much he’s maintained his legendary legs since his prime competitive years. He notes that his legs are a, “work in progress” after making some changes to his diet and training. You can see the post below:

“Okay, guys, never been great at selfies, but a work in progress! lol

My amazing doctor, Dr Cha @cha_dikito has placed me on another healing journey, once again! Have been under the weather the last few weeks. Her evaluation was spot on! Cha tweaked my training days and Eating Lifestyle while I recover.

In two weeks, this happened! Nearing 68 years old in June. Thank you, Cha! You did say “with Gods foods, expect great results!”


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Tom Platz isn’t the only bodybuilder who is maintaining, even tuning up, his physique post retirement. Jay Cutler recently turned heads as his social media updates contained improvements on his physique. Many believed that a 2023 Masters Olympia announcement was imminent.

Instead, Cutler revealed that he was holding himself up to a new challenge. He wanted to improve his physique before he turned 50 years old. Looking at the results so far – it’s impressive how the 4x Mr. Olympia has been able to shape his physique into something competition worthy.

It’s commonly stated that bodybuilding is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Tom Platz is proof that the adage remains true well past competitive retirement. While Platz has been candid about how much the sport has changed in recent generations – he still believes in the core tenants of bodybuilding.

And his recent photo update of his quads is living proof that you don’t need to become weaker as you age. Summer is around the corner. Time for everyone else to catch up to Tom Platz.

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