Can This Tool Make Building Monstrous Traps Easier? Antoine Vaillant Thinks So!

Antoine Vaillant Uses Some Unique Equipment for Building Monstrous Traps!

Some individuals looking to build up their physique are fine with only focusing on a few muscle groups. For some its building impressive arms, while for others it’s cultivating an impressive chest. What the seasoned bodybuilder understands is that in order to have an overall package one muscle group can’t be prioritized over the others.

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite muscle group to train and in fact that’s natural. But neglecting other muscle groups only to work on your favorite isn’t the recipe for total body success as a bodybuilder. The whole point is to cultivate an overall package to be proud of.

That includes the traps.

The trap muscles can give you a truly impressive and intimidating form. Traps simply scream strength and power and for the avid bodybuilder that’s exactly the kind of message you want to send.

IFBB Pro Antoine Vaillant understands that building up every inch of your physique will provide you with an overall look that others can’t help but be impressed with. A veteran bodybuilder with eye catching physique of his own, Antoine Vaillant has learned to build every inch of his physical frame, including his traps.

In the Instagram post below, Antoine Vaillant has found a unique tool that has helped him cultivate some pretty impressive traps of his own.

What do you make of this equipment and method?

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