Top 4 Exercises To Unleash A Truly Massive Back

An Old School Back Workout For a Wider and Thicker Back

These back exercises help form bat wings.

When it comes to improving back strength and physical form it sometimes requires an athlete to implement new methods into their training program. To solely rely on the same methods of training is to more than likely ensure running into a wall. Whether it’s bodybuilding or some other athletic endeavor, you never want to be going backwards. Instead it’s all about making one improvement after another on the road to shaping what’s considered to be the perfect physical form.

Of all the muscle groups and body parts that make up the human body, the back is one of the most important to develop. Building up your back muscles are a great way to bring together your upper body. There’s a tendency to overdue ab exercises as well as focusing too much on the chest, leaving the back isolated and looking less than impressive. The whole point of bodybuilding is to bring together your body to make the ultimate package. It’s no simple task to get a symmetrical upper body and be as shredded and defined as you hope to be.

But building up the back isn’t solely about building muscles, it’s also ensuring that the stabilizers in the back are strong as well. By strengthening the back stabilizers it will guarantee that the most important lifts you perform, the squat and deadlift specifically, will be taken to the next level. Try adding these helpful exercises to your routine.

ISO Hold Front Squat

The iso hold front squat is a great method for building up strength in the upper back. The fronts aren’t something most people think about when considering back development, but the truth of the matter is that the back is engaged while squatting as well, specifically at the top of the movement. With iso hold front squats you load as much weight as your one rep max, lift the barbell in a front squat position and hold in a static position for a five to ten second hold.

Dumbbell Back Extensions

This exercise is great for building up the thoratic spine which is located in the upper region of the back. The movement is performed on a glute-ham developer and not only works the upper back region, but the entirety of the back itself. With some heavy dumbbells held at chest level this exercise can help improve compound lifts like the squat and deadlift.

Band Good Mornings

This exercise may not include any weight lifting, though there is a chain variation that can be considered, but he band good morning is a great technique help with upper back development without putting too much stress on the body. While standing on one end of the rubberband and wrapping the other around the neck you lift the upper body up from the bent over state until you’re fully erect and repeat the motion for reps. This a great and easy way to gain tremendous back strength.

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