Quick Fix: Top 5 Thanksgiving Bodybuilder Snacks

Bulk up this thanksgiving with these holiday themed protein options.

Thanksgiving. It can be a bodybuilders worst nightmare if they can’t control their cravings. It can be a dirty or clean bulkers dream day if they balanced things out correctly. It’s definitely a holiday that can be unforgiving if you lose your mind and eat an entire pumpkin pie to yourself. But since we know you’re not that crazy and would still love to get into the holiday spirit here are some food alternatives that won’t be killing your hard earned gains.

Don’t know how to cook? Or worse, HATE to cook? Don’t worry, this won’t be a list of long complicated recipes. Check out these quick and easy snacks that will make you feel that Thanksgiving spirit but keep you on your bodybuilding diet at the same time:

Perky Jerky (Turkey Jerky)


Beef jerky may be more popular for sure, but it’s Thanksgiving; try something different for a change will ya! Turkey jerky possesses more grams of protein than it’s beef counterpart. Perky Jerky is low on fat and carbs and high on protein making it an ideal snack for any bodybuilder in need of a kick in the gym. Sometimes you have to think outside the box for some interesting protein options.

Grab yourself some turkey Jerky.

Apple Pie Quest Bars


If you ask anybody, Thanksgiving is the best excuse to jam your face full of a whole bunch of junk. A junk food staple is definitely apple pie. But since we’re trying to avoid the whole saturated fat thing, Quest Bars have a great alternative with their apple pie energy bars. They’re way healthier than a pie, offer great protein and they taste pretty damn good into the bargain.

Grab yourself some pie-o-my.

AI Sports Pumpkin Pie Powder


We’d all love to get our hands on some pumpkin pie if it didn’t mean our waistline’s were in danger of exploding. The dedicated bodybuilder knows better to indulge on a pumpkin pie but it’s so hard when it smells and tastes that good! How can a bodybuilder get some of that delicious pumpkin goodness without having to sacrifice their diet? AI Sports has the answer with their limited edition, Pumpkin Pie flavored Protein Powder. It will help out with your cravings, tastes delicious and help those muscles recover after a long workout.

Pump up with some pumpkin flavor.

Pecan Pie Clif Bar


Yeah we’re on a bit of a pie kick for this list, but really are you complaining? You’ve gotta get some pie into your diet somehow right? If you’re still looking to fulfill your pie fix, there’s the pecan pie Clif Bar to put your cravings to bed. It has all the essentials that any bodybuilder will appreciate, namely fiber and protein.

Snack on pecan pie here.

SPN Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel

Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel

Late night gym session after you’ve stuffed your face at dinner? Then try out this Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel, a supplement powder consisting of actual sweet potato for carbs and eggs for protein. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be an excuse to slack off and if you do have a hard session this supplement powder is the way to go to recover and be festive all at once.

Recover with some sweet, sweet potatoes.

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Jonathan Salmon
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