Top 8 Reasons You Need Cardio

Too many athletes, especially those looking to gain big-time muscle mass, overlook the importance of cardio. But there are tons of benefits to setting aside time for a good cardio routine. Here are 8 reasons that cardio is an indispensible part of any workout:

1) Cardio Boosts Endurance

Ask any runner and they’ll tell you. They very quickly begin to see improvements in their endurance levels. Each day they’re able to run a little further, or a little faster. And you’ll be able to take that improved endurance with you into the gym to help push you during your strength training.

2) Cardio Burns Fat

In particular, sprinting, or a similarly brief and high-intensity form of cardio, will burn fat like no other exercise.

3) Cardio Strengthens Your Heart

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which means heart-related. And if you’re looking to get big, you’re going to need a strong heart to support your body.

4) Cardio Increases Blood Flow Efficiency

The more efficient your blood flow is, the more nutrients will travel throughout your body and get where they need to go. Cardio will also raise your red blood cell levels, which increases the amount of oxygen delivered to different parts of your body.

5) Cardio Improves Recovery Time

After an intense workout, your body needs time to rest and recover before you push it again. Cardio exercises boost metabolism rates and help your muscles rebuild faster following a hard exercise like lifting.

6) Cardio Reduces Stress Levels

This one’s a bonus. Cardio does all kinds of great things for your body but it has also been shown to help your mind as well. Athletes who incorporate cardio into their workouts are less stressed and are happier than those who ignore cardio.

7) Cardio Boosts Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D has countless health benefits. It helps strengthen your bones. It helps relieve muscle pain. In short, the Vitamin D you get from cardio will help you build a stronger body at every level.

8) Cardio Releases Hormones

This includes growth hormones that build muscles. Try a brief cardio session during your recovery time in between weight training and you’ll start to feel the effects. Cardio, contrary to popular belief, can actually help you build bigger muscles.

Don’t dismiss the importance of cardio. Start jogging, cycling or following a cardio exercise video today.

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