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No more excuses.

Let’s face it. There are days when even thinking about going to the gym is effort enough to make you exhausted. Whether you had a crappy nights sleep or you’re just not feeling motivated, there are times that we make excuses for getting to the gym. Many people will tell you that it’s your body sending you a message, that it can’t push any longer and requires rest. But in reality that’s all just a lie we like to tell ourselves in hopes of avoiding the whole practice altogether.

Chalk it up to a weak will or just being a lazy bastard, but something is blocking you from becoming your ultimate self, keeping you out of the one place that should be considered a sanctuary. The truth is, that’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Even if you yourself are strong willed enough to get into the gym rain or shine, you probably have friends and training partners that sound a lot like this. So here are the top excuses we always hear to avoid the gym. Take note of them so if you ever hear them coming out of your own mouth – you can shut up, get up, and hit those weights.

No Pre-Workout

Generation Iron Pre Workout

Saying you have no pre-workout as an excuse is like saying your gas tank is half full, but you refuse to drive down the block from fear of running out of gas. It’s a cop out. You don’t need pre-workout to have an intense training session in the gym so using it as an excuse is pretty much a pointless. You’re better off admitting to yourself that you’re lazy.

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