Train Right For Your Body Type With These 8 Tips

Train Right For Your Body Type With These 8 Tips

Building muscle and crafting the physique of your dreams demands much more than lifting a few dumbbells and drinking a protein shake. Contrary to what you might think, finding the cable pulley machine vacant is not the most surprising thing that can happen in the gym. The fact that most people follow an unsuitable training program as per their body type and still expect to see results top the list.

Since you are reading this article, chances are you are one of these people. While you might see some positive changes in your body after following a vanilla training program (one program fits all), you will not be achieving your body’s maximum potential.

If you want to put on a freak show every time you take your shirt off, you need to double down on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You’ll only be able to achieve this feat if you train for your body type.

How To Train For Your Body Type

1. Figure Out Your (True) Body Type

When asked about the body type, most people reply with their desired body structure instead of the actual body type. For example, an ectomorph might choose a training and diet program designed for a mesomorph because he wants to have that body composition.

But why would anyone do that, you ask? 

Body insecurities.

If ectomorph and mesomorph sound like characters out of Aquaman, here is a quick introduction to body types for you:

Body type

Ectomorphs – Naturally lean with narrow shoulders and hips. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and struggle to gain weight. 

Mesomorphs – Thin build with narrow hips and clavicles. Mesomorphs generally have small joints, long limbs, and stringy muscle bellies. 

Endomorphs – Have heavier bone structure with a squarer torso. Endomorphs have wider waists, larger hips, and a slower metabolism.

2. Check For Hybrids 

As weird as it might sound – you probably are not a pure breed. We usually tend to make sense of everything by putting it in linear terms, but the world can be more complex than that. 

A majority of the people have a dominant body type with a few characteristics of other types, or a body type that has equal qualities of two different body types – meaning you could be an ectomorph with few qualities of a mesomorph. 

And if you are wondering – no, it is not a bad thing. You’ll not end up looking like a monster. A combination of body types means you have the strengths of two different body types. Following the right program for your body type will open doors to unlimited gains. 

3. Get Your Diet and Workout Programs In Line

Losing or gaining weight will depend on calories in vs. calories out. If you want to lose weight but eat anything you can get your hands on, no amount of hard work in the gym can get you on the right track. 

Your diet will determine your body’s size/volume, and workouts will mold your body shape and muscle composition. With this said, diet alone can’t get you your dream physique. 

Following a personalized training program will influence your muscle-to-fat ratio. Lifting weights will help you sculpt the body the Greek God would approve. Designing a calorie and macronutrient-focused diet plan and following the correct workout routine as per your body type will give your transformation wings.

4. Ectomorphs Can Go Easy On The Cardio

We are sure you know people who won’t gain weight no matter how much they eat. These people generally are ectomorphs. If ectomorphs do too much cardio in hopes of shedding the excess belly fat in search of abs, they might end up spiking their cortisol levels. 

High cortisol levels make the body store more fat as it signals to the body that it is under stress. The body then bumps up its fat reserves in anticipation of a fight or flight situation. 

The primary goal of an ectomorph should be to build muscle mass and strength through resistance training. Performing compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses can help kickstart your muscle-building journey. 

5. Mesomorphs Do Better With Low-Intensity Cardio

Building muscle or losing the extra kilos can be a little tricky for mesomorphs. Since they are in the middle of the two extremes, figuring out the correct training style can involve trial and error. 

If you are a mesomorph happy with his body composition, you should add low to moderate-intensity cardio to your fitness routine. 

Mesomorphs have fewer slow-twitch muscle fibers because of which they have lower endurance levels. Getting too comfortable with your workouts and not switching up things can lead to a plateau. Although lower-intensity cardio will get you better results, you should switch your exercises constantly to shock your muscles into growing. 

6. Endomorphs Can Get Super Big Super Fast

If you are dominantly an endomorph and don’t care about looking like you’ve been on a carb-restricted diet for 1000 years, you are going to experience the magic of genetics. You don’t have to launch a full-blown FBI-style investigation to figure out the body type of most powerlifters and weightlifters.

Design your resistance training around fast-twitch muscle fibers using heavier weights for fewer reps. Low-intensity cardio for burning stubborn body fat will prove to be most effective. 

7. Make HIIT Your Darling

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an incredibly efficient tool for building muscle mass and losing body fat. HIIT workouts are a form of anaerobic exercise that facilitates the burning of stored body fat as fuel.

A raised metabolic rate is one of the most underrated benefits of HIIT workouts. A high metabolic rate makes you burn calories at a faster rate even after your workouts. You’ll still be burning calories while you’re sitting on a couch after a workout. What else could an endomorph want?

8. You Don’t Need Full-Body Strength Training Workouts

Many people, especially fitness rookies, try to outdo themselves in every training session. They routinely perform full-body workouts assuming it will fast-track their physique transformation. 

Your goal should be to achieve greater muscle stimulation which is possible through higher volume and intensity. You would be better off training not more than two muscles in a single training session.

Training up to two muscles in a single day also gives your muscles ample time for recovery. Ectomorphs are known to require more time to recover from intense workouts as compared to mesomorphs and endomorphs.

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