USA Powerlifting Comes Under Fire By Congress For Barring Transgender Competitor

USA Powerlifting under fire by congress.

Athletic competition is something that humans simply can’t live without. Whether you’re a competitor yourself or just a spectator with a passion for your chosen sport or endeavor, the truth of the matter is that competition lives in all of our hearts. For a great deal of of individuals, their passion has always lied in the competitive strength field such as bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting.

But sometimes major issues like gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disabilities can come into play and threaten to completely destroy a person’s hopes of competing in the the sport they love.

Enter JayCee Cooper.

An avid powerlifting competitor, JayCee Cooper was recently denied the opportunity to compete in powerlifitng competitions sanctioned by USA Powerlifting. While the arguments on transgender individuals competing in certain athletic endeavors is an ongoing conversation across many different platforms, it appears that USA Powerlifting barring Cooper from competing has caused a major stir in not only the strength and fitness community, but the transgender community as well.

JayCee Cooper has since chosen to take this case to congress and Representative Ilhan Omar has issued the below statement to USA Powerlifting in response.

What do you make of this case?

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