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Valeria Guznenkova. You may have seen her before, she is a popular athlete on social media. But if not, you are missing out. Valeria Guznenkova is a unique individual, with an even more unique physique. She is a Russian born bodybuilding competitor and fitness influencer.

Below is a complete breakdown of Valeria Guznenkova’s profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Valeria Guznenkova (Women’s Fitness Competitor)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
Unknown Unknown 9/7/1993
Division Era Nationality
Fitness 2010s Russian


Born in Moscow on September 7, 1993, Valeria Guznenkova has become a fitness icon. Grossing almost 400,000 followers on social media. 360,000 alone on her Instagram, and around 12,000 on Facebook. Valeria had become hooked on her fitness and training, and it surely has shown. She showed potential in her early years, and took full advantage of that.

Valeria Guznenkova via her Instagram (@guznenkova)

She was a finalist in the Bodybuilding Federation Championships. In 2014, Valeria ended up competing in Moscow’s Bodybuilding Federation in the Fitness Category, placing 6th overall taking home a Bronze medal. Not too shabby!

Guznenkova also was a spokesmodel for several products manufactured by Reebok.

Valeria Guznenkova Competition History

Valeria competed in the Russian Bodybuilding Federation. Her most well known competition was in 2014, where she took 6th place overall. This was in the fitness division.

The fitness division is a branch off of the bodybuilding division. In fitness, women have to do their standard physique round, but also a unique routine. The routine consists of music, and a mix of dance, gymnastics, and strength moves.


You may think that her training is this intense, heavy lifting program. That is not exactly the case though!

Valeria actually has a different approach to training. Rather than entirely gym focused heavy lifting with weights and gym equipment, she focuses a lot on bodyweight exercises. Let’s dive into her training a little more.


Valeria uses a lot of plyometric and static holds along with explosive bodyweight movements, like sprints. She focuses her training around gymnastic styled movements, which is great for being in the fitness division. This also entails things like bodyweight lunges, leg raises, and pull-ups. Movements like these help to keep her strong and in shape year round.

Valeria’s bodyweight training enables her to workout more frequently during the week. Bodyweight workouts tend to have quicker recovery than workouts that consist of more free weights and things like that. However, Valeria does use weights, so let’s dive into those workouts.

Free Weights

Compound exercises tend to be favored by Valeria when she is focusing on heavier lifting periods. In times like these, she will focus on things like squat, bench, deadlift, and bent over rows.

Valeria lifting, per her Instagram (@guznenkova)

Now, her training takes more of a toll here, so she allows herself a little bit of extra rest. Extra rest days allow for more time that her muscles can recover. As a result, she can become stronger and more powerful overall, which makes her bodyweight days a little bit easier.

Which is better?

Let’s pause here and evaluate. Valeria is in fantastic shape year round and trains heavily focused on bodyweight exercises. You do not see this too often in competing, many competitors are focused more on free weights.

Now, you may be wondering, are bodyweight exercises better than free weights? Or are free weight exercises better than bodyweight?

In all reality, it really depends on your fitness goals. There are plenty of just bodyweight workout programs, like calisthenics that can build a great physique. Bodyweight exercises can also make you very strong. Many bodybuilders that can bench 500 lbs, cannot do the balancing exercises you see in calisthenics.

However, if you want to pack on more size and look like a bodybuilder, then free weight exercises would more than likely be superior. Again, this is all subjective and you should train how you want! However, envision your goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them!

Now, let’s dive back in to our information on Valeria Guznenkova.


You may be wondering, with a body like Valeria’s, what does she eat? You can scour the internet as much as you want in search of her diet, but you will not find much. Not much is known about Valeria’s nutrition. She has unfortunately not come right out and said what she eats.

Image Credit (@guznenkova)

However, we can imagine that it is a relatively clean diet. Someone like that who competes and stays in shape year round is more than likely eating a clean diet. Lots of protein and a balance of fat and carbs as well.

In order to maintain a physique like that, junk foods every night more than likely will not help you out. On the other hand, eating the same clean meals every day will probably drive you nuts. There are plenty of creative diet plans you can follow to craft an incredible physique like Valeria Guznenko. If you are dieting, even throwing in things like protein powders can be a sweet treat that still keeps you on track!

Personal Life

As far as personal life, this has been kept out of the public eye as well. We know that Valeria was born in Moscow, we know when as well. However, regarding family life there is not much information on this.

Looking at Valeria’s Instagram, it is mostly shots of her modeling, lifting and traveling, so we know she enjoys those pastimes. She also seems to be into photography, showcasing many different pictures of herself and others modeling.

Image Credit: @guznenkova

When it comes to dating, not much is known about this either. Valeria has managed to keep a lot of her personal life out of the spotlight. However, on her Instagram it does appear that she has a boyfriend.


What can we take away from Valeria? Well, for starters, dedication goes a long way. She stays in shape year round! This requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and hard work. Not to mention, do not be afraid to chase something even if it is out of your comfort zone.

Valeria had potential from a young age, and she chased it, stuck with it, and look where it got her. Imagine what you could do too!

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