PNBA Natural Figure Competitor Veronica Malloy goes into detail about supplements and passing WADA compliant drug tests.

The Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association prides itself on being rigorous on keeping the league completely natural. They apply WADA compliant testing to all athletes who compete – to ensure that the competitions are fair and all-natural. But this dedication goes beyond the “big bad” drugs such as steroids and insulin. WADA has a long list of substances that are considered banned – even if they are legal in the United States and in other countries. So how does an athlete, who wants to be natural, avoid failing a drug test while using legal supplements? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we talk in-depth with pro natural Figure competitor Veronica Malloy on the best way to find WADA compliant supplements.

Veronica Malloy is not only a PNBA natural competitor – she’s also a team captain who helps work with the league to ensure that it stays fair and drug free. This means that she can work with the league and request testing on athletes that she finds “suspicious” of using banned substances.

So it’s safe to say that Veronica Malloy has a deep knowledge about natural bodybuilding, the INBA/PNBA, and WADA compliant substances for bodybuilding. She’s currently preparing for the INBA/PNBA Pro/Am World Championships in Florence, Italy. It’s one of the largest competitions in the natural bodybuilding season – and one that provides many pros an opportunity to qualify for the Natural Olympia.

That’s why we connected with Veronica just under two weeks before she competes. We wanted to check in on her contest prep, highlight her bodybuilding origins, and discuss the trending topics in natural bodybuilding today.

Banned substances and compliant bodybuilding supplements

One such topic is bodybuilding supplements and passing drug tests. While the INBA/PNBA league focuses on drug tests to prevent substances such as steroids into the sport – it also has a long list of other banned (but legal) substances decided upon by WADA. Drug tests compliant with WADA follow the same strict rigorous rules used by the Olympics. It’s the best of the best when focusing on keeping the sport fair and safe.

The supplement industry is bigger than ever in fitness. But not all bodybuilding supplements use the same ingredients. In fact, there are many supplements that have ingredients that would fail a WADA compliant drug test. This puts more responsibility on the athletes to ensure they stay fully clean when purchasing supplements.

We asked Veronica Malloy how a bodybuilder, who wants to be natural, can ensure the supplements they take are truly all-natural as per WADA’s ruleset. Veronica admits that this responsibility is a part of the work an INBA/PNBA athlete needs to put into their career. It’s the same kind of effort that needs to be focused on as training and overall nutrition.

Unfortunately, WADA does not have a list of compliant supplement brands. So the bodybuilder needs to do research, use the WADA website, and learn what supplements will pass drug tests. When performing at the top level of athletic ability – being natural becomes a key responsibility of the athlete. Veronica mentions past examples of athletes who failed drug tests – not because they wanted to cheat with steroids – but because they were unaware the supplements they took included banned substances in the ingredients

Despite intentions, the INBA/PNBA will not allow an athlete to compete, or retain their title, if they fail a drug test. They also end up on the wall of shame. This is why Veronica Malloy suggests that the best tactic for natural bodybuilders is to do the research, find a supplement they trust, and stick with it. With that experience over time – it becomes easier to know which supplement brands not only pass the drug test but also work best for their physique needs.

Wrap Up

Veronica Malloy talked about many other topics during our nearly half hour interview. She discusses how steroids uniquely affect women competitors in untested leagues and why she decided to stay all-natural. She also discusses the upcoming Pro/Am World Championships in Florence, Italy.

You can watch Veronica Malloy’s full comments in our GI Exclusive interview above. And make sure to stick around this weekend for our coverage of the World Championships event!

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