Victor Martinez Is Open To Rematch Jay Cutler In A Special “Exhibition” Show

Victor Martinez would be more than happy to have a bodybuilding rematch with Jay Cutler.

Most bodybuilding fans know the infamous Olympia 2007 battle between Victor Martinez and Jay Cutler. Many believed that Martinez was a shoe-in to defeat Cutler and become the new Mr. Olympia. That ultimately didn’t happen. In a major upset, Cutler retained his champion. To this day many fans and even athletes believe Martinez should have won that show. Now all these years later and with the rise of “super fights” in boxing – could we one day see a rematch between them? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Victor Martinez opens the possibility of an exhibition rematch with Jay Cutler.

For Victor Martinez, his bodybuilding career didn’t go as expected. By 2007, he was one of the biggest threats to the Mr. Olympia title. The controversial loss to Jay Cutler still stands out as a big moment in bodybuilding history. After that, Martinez found himself incarcerated, which completely removed his ability to maintain his superior physique. His attempt to return was chronicled in the original Generation Iron in 2013.

Since then, Victor Martinez has had some ups and downs in the sport. He’s found some success on major bodybuilding competitions – but never came as close to Olympia victory as he did in 2007. Most recently, he hardly competes.

That’s why during our most recent interview, we asked him what his future plans are in and out of bodybuilding. He is a man who has started a few businesses in the past. He has an entrepreneurial spirit – and is eyeing a few options ahead. But what about in terms of competitive bodybuilding?

Victor Martinez admitted he has little reason to return to seriously competing. But there was one catch. He discussed how he would be open to rematching Jay Cutler. Not in a tried and true IFBB league show – but instead as a sort of super match. Something similar to the recent super fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.


“Now I’ll tell you one thing. The only way I will compete is that if we do some Mayweather or Connor stuff.,” Victor Martinez states in our interview. He continues:

“Let’s say Jay Cutler says, ‘Vic I want to challenge you’ or say I want to challenge Jay. Let’s go for a one on one pay per view, you know, and make it American Idol type – let them choose the winner. Let’s collect funds Jay.”

At this point, the entire conversation is completely theoretical. There is no match being prepared and not even a clue if Jay Cutler would be interested. But one thing that’s important to note – is that Martinez states this is the only way he would compete again.

It seems whether or not this dream rematch will come true – that Victor Martinez has little interest in competing within the traditional IFBB path. He’s moved onto other future plans. Whether or not that would include a special battle against Jay Cutler… well, maybe it will become a reality if the fans make enough noise after his statement.

You can watch Jay Cutler discuss his future plans and his dream rematch against Jay Cutler in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!