Victor Martinez Answers: Why He Left MHP And Started SuperHero Labz

Victor Martinez opens up about staying off the competitive stage and focusing on his new supplement company SuperHero Labz.

Earlier in August 2021, Victor Martinez announced that he was leaving supplement company MHP after a long tenure as a sponsored athlete. The reason was to start his own supplement company – SuperHero Labz. We had a chance to reconnect with Martinez via video chat to go into detail about why he made this big change and what to expect from his new business endeavor. In our GI Exclusive interview, Victor Martinez explains why he left MHP and the mission statement for SuperHero Labz in an already oversaturated supplement market.

Victor Martinez had been a sponsored athlete for supplement company MHP for quite some time. So it came as a shock in the industry when it was announced he was leaving the company to start his own supplement business. His new company, SuperHero Labz, combines his love of superheroes (which inspired him to become a bodybuilder) with his fitness experience to make a series of quality products. We reconnected with Martinez to discuss what sparked such a sudden change and how he plans to overcome the oversaturated supplement industry.

Victor Martinez starts off by explaining he has no ill will towards MHP. He respects and appreciates his entire time working with them – but he felt now was the correct time to become the leader of his own business. The decision initially sprang from getting a pay decrease via MHP. Again, he does not hold this against them. In fact, he claims almost any other company would have completely dropped him. But due to loyalty they kept him on board.

Victor Martinez also doesn’t plan to compete in pro bodybuilding again anytime soon. This is largely due to being a father and wanting to dedicate time to his family. He points out that pro bodybuilding isn’t like other pro sports where you get paid for simply being on the team. You only get paid if you win – and he doesn’t feel prepared to fully focus on that while dedicating time to his family.

It was at this moment the stars aligned. He had been speaking with potential business partners on starting a supplement company. He pulled the trigger and SuperHero Labz was born. The artwork showcases the pop imagery of old school superhero comics. But Martinez wanted to ensure he wasn’t just showing fictional superhero characters on the bottles. Instead, he wanted to focus on the real world superheroes – hard working mothers, fathers, businessmen, fire fighters – and many other hard working individuals.


Victor Martinez points out that supplements are to help improve the body, make it stronger, and achieve goals. That’s the kind of superhero logic he’s infusing into the brand. Those whose who want to work hard, make a difference, and support families. SuperHero Labz supplements aim to help with those kind of goals through their products.

Even though Victor Martinez may not plan to compete anytime soon, you may notice his physique is still large and impressive. That’s because he wants to make sure that his products via SuperHero Labz are the right quality. He maintains his physique and uses the products he helps develop to ensure they are the best for bodybuilders and fitness athletes.

You can watch Victor Martinez go into more detail about his plan for supplement rollouts, how he aims to make them the best products on the market, and more in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

You can also check out SuperHero Labz at their official website right here.

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