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Viktoria Kay is a fitness model and video blogger from Los Angeles, California. Born on 31 October 1983 in Budapest, Hungary, and raised in Germany, Kay was extremely athletic in her youth and played tennis in her younger years. 

Growing up, Viktoria developed a passion for modeling. She moved to America on her own at the age of 21 to pursue her dream. Faced with the challenge of improving her English, Kay worked “day-in” and “day-out” to make it as a model.

Below is a complete breakdown of Viktoria Kay’s profile, stats, biography, training, and diet regimens.

Full Name: Viktoria Kay

Weight Height Date Of Birth
145-155 lbs 5’8″ 31/10/1983
Division Era Nationality
Fitness Model, Video Blogger 2010 Hungarian, German


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Originally from Europe, Viktoria Kay now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Being an athletic person growing up, she played tennis for many years, up until mid-college. 

As she approached her 20’s, Kay developed an interest in modeling. At a point, her desire to become a professional model overtook her passion for tennis, and she decided to move to Los Angeles at the age of 21 to pursue her dream career. 

After arriving in the US, Viktoria continued playing tennis for Junior College. She got her degree in Business Administration at Cal State Long Beach and worked as a recruiter for a year. 

Her start in America wasn’t as easy as she had expected. Because of her unfamiliarity with the English language, she had trouble finding work and even making new friends. 

But none of this deterred Viktoria from going after her goal of becoming a renowned model. She believes in going “all-in” in everything she does and does not give up until she reaches her goals. 

Kay is not one of those fitness stars who caught people’s attention and built a sizeable social media following after posting a few photos online. For a long time, she worked without any results to show for it. 

After years of perseverance, hard work, and not giving up, modeling agencies and brands started to notice Viktoria Kay and began offering her assignments.

Soon, Kay started shooting for workout videos every week, which in turn helped her build and tone her body. This was when she got neck-deep into fitness and learned about the most effective ways of transforming her body. 

“I pursue modeling full-time and I am very involved in the fitness world, which works together very well.” – Viktoria Kay

Rise to Fame

Thanks to her incredible physique and pretty face, Viktoria Kay has amassed close to 900K followers on Instagram. She has become a force to be reckoned with in the fitness and modeling world.

Her journey to the top was, however, not linear. Viktoria had to face several personal and professional challenges. 

Viktoria Kay started sharing her fitness and modeling journey on Instagram and YouTube, motivating people to follow their passion. She was received warmly by her followers. Kay noticed a big uptick in her social media following owing to her hourglass physique, honest persona, and incredible work ethic. Before she knew it, she had become a social media influencer

Apart from being a super popular Instagram star, Viktoria Kay has a big following on YouTube – something only a few female Instagram models can claim. 

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Viktoria contributes most of her effort to training glutes and abs. It is the secret behind her tiny waist and thick rear. 

“My best physical attribute is my abs and butt. I work hard on those!” – Viktoria Kay

The fitness model hits the gym up to four times a week to keep her physique in shoot-ready shape and conditioning all year-round. 

Kay likes to switch her workouts routinely to ensure she does not hit a plateau. She does not hold herself back from trying out new exercises and variations. 

The internet fitness celebrity likes to follow a time duration set, meaning – she does not have a rep goal for her exercises. Instead, she prefers sets with durations of up to one minute with 30-sec of rest in between.

Apart from switching exercises, she regularly changes her training location as well. Kay alternates between training at the gym, beach, and home. 

Viktoria Kay likes to do her cardio on the elliptical or a spin bike. Her favorite exercises include lunges and band exercises.

Kay does not rely on external motivation to get her through her workouts. She believes in turning her workout regimen into a habit. She then follows her habits until she achieves her desired results. 

“The best way to improve in the gym is to do different workouts each time and going a little harder each time.” – Viktoria Kay

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Viktoria is as serious about her diet and nutrition as she is about her workouts. According to her, if she eats a lot of processed, high-glycemic foods, no amount of training can help her maintain her hourglass body.

Viktoria Kay depends on whole foods like avocados, oats, quinoa, berries, etc. to meet her daily macronutrient needs. 

Her primary protein sources include chickpeas, lean poultry meat, and low-fat dairy. A protein-rich diet gives her body the required building blocks to help rebuild her broken muscle tissues after an intense workout session.

Viktoria Kay does not shy away from a cheat meal. She looks at cheat meals as rewards for her hard work throughout the week. But instead of hogging on anything she can get her hands on, Kay likes to plan her cheat meals. This way, she can satisfy her cravings without going overboard with junk food. 

Although Kay does not maintain a workout journal, she uses a calorie tracker every day. The fitness model likes to follow a calorie deficit diet. She burns more calories than she consumes in a single day.

The fitness model restricts her diet to 2,000 calories and only goes over the benchmark if she feels she has trained harder than usual on a particular day. 

Viktoria relies on physiotherapy, professional massages, and hot baths to improve her recovery process. She is also an advocate for sleeping at least eight hours every night.

“The most important thing for me is to keep my portions small but rich in protein and nutrients.” – Victoria Kay

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Viktoria Kay is not a fan of traditional bodybuilding supplements. She is allergic to whey and relies on plant-based protein supplements to fill gaps in her diet.

Kay depends on vitamin supplements to meet her daily micronutrient needs. She also takes probiotics to keep her gut healthy and improve her metabolism. 

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