One of the biggest men in bodybuilding.

For a glorious brief handful of weeks – the bodybuilding world gets to see the top competitors hit the stage at competitions at the Mr. Olympia and the following European tour.  Beyond the Arnold Classic – this is the most exciting period of the year. It’s the only time, for instance, that you would see Big Ramy compete a few weeks in a row.

But after the European tour things get notably silent. The “off season” begins and we don’t  see much action at all until the Arnold Classic competition in March. That’s where social media has a major role – allowing athletes to give fans updates on their training and progress moving into the new year. Our partners over at Bodybuilding For Life has put together a compilation video of Big Ramy’s latest social media updates – giving us an update on his physique and training post Olympia 2017. Check it out above!

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  1. His shape on that particular day will make the diference and nothing else.of course,Heath had a hernia surgery this uear and he might not progress much from last year but Ramy is always trying to get bigger and bigger instead of heaving a better shape.referees look at the shape most of all.this is why in 2008,Dexter Jackson won ,altough Cutler was bigger

  2. Ramy will win next year of it judged fairly that’s how it will work ramy should of won this year but I mean ramy is only young he’s know we’re near his best An I think he’s hitting his time now so he will just keep getting better. He will win next year I think it’s being set up for him to win next year.

    • Yea but Coleman An Kevin An jay also said also said it’s only a matter of time before ramy wins will Coleman an Kevin did jay said ramy beats Phil at ever pose of he could come in 100 % an ramy is only young Ronnie didn’t win his first till he was 35 jay didn’t till he was 36 I believe so man ramy isn’t even close to his best. Am look at how Phil looked in judging this year it was horrible you can’t till me that was fair judging god willam was better then Phil. Phil was bloated an it isn’t so to a hernia as we can see after the stomach we seen on Phil when got on stage for how guest posing so buddy if it’s judged fairly ramy will easily win next year if he keeps improving. Now I’d love to see a 2016 or a 2011 or 2013 Phil because that’s mr.o kind of stuff but if Ramy improves like he did from 2016 to 2017 phils done an if Phil don’t do something about that stomach he shouldn’t get on stage ramy was better then Phil this year in my books an65-70 % of the fans books to so get real


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