Superheroes have taken over the big screen – but they are right here  in real life too.

Ask many of the top bodybuilders what inspired them to become mass monsters – and many will say comic books. Superheroes like Superman were the first examples of massive muscle that most people ever see – and that must be even truer today with the huge success of superhero movies popping up every few months in theaters.

Another major inspiration that turned young boys into bodybuilders is the moment they opened a bodybuilding magazine and realized that those kind of superhero physiques were possible in real life. In a sense, bodybuilders are real life superheroes. They make the impossible seem possible with superhuman strength and size.

This video by Raiden Motivation drives that point home with an epic motivational supercut that will get you inspired to transform into a mass monster like the greats. Check it out above.

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  1. NO – a real life superhero is an ordinary looking guy that puts on a uniform and writes a check to his country payable with his life. Lets not ever get this twisted .


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