The lavish internet personality shares how he keeps his body shredded with some strategy and tips.

Dan Bilzerian is sort of like a real life Bruce Wayne. He lives a lavish lifestyle while also keeping extreme focus on building and keeping a muscular and shredded body. If you told us he actually went into the night as a masked vigilante we’d believe it, not necessarily because he is heroic but because he just might be that crazy.

Bilzerian is better known for his lavish videos showcasing the intersection between his focus on fitness and his love of indulgence. And while it can certainly be easier to stay in shape when you have money for personal trainers etc – Bilzerian is definitely someone who puts in the work.

That’s why our content partner Bodybuilding Priest has put together this video combining the latest fitness updates from Dan Bilzerian in which he shares his workout strategy and tips before jumping right into some focused weight training. If you are looking for some new variation in your training routines – Bilzerian might have some tips that are worth hearing in the video above. Check it out!

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