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Debunking the “magic pill” perception of steroids in bodybuilding.

Unfortunately, steroids and bodybuilding are often two words that go hand in hand when an “outsider” talks about the sport of bodybuilding. What’s more upsetting is that many believe that steroids is a “magic pill” or needle that can be used to remove hard work and make someone miraculously strong. They see it as a cheat. This undermines the true hard work and dedication that every bodybuilder pours into their lifestyle and career. Steroids or not – bodybuilding is a life choice and one that requires hard work and helps build positive habits that get translated into more general fitness outlooks that the mainstream utilize everyday to live a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why Kenny K.O. created this video to breakdown the common misconceptions about steroids and open some eyes as to how these drugs really work. At the end of the day, yes these drugs are illegal. But information about both illegal and legal drugs is important. Check out the video above.

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