Dennis James gives his thoughts on who cross the line – Jeremy Buendia or Antoine Vaillant?

Dennis James is the resident guru of bodybuilding – not only providing training for top tier bodybuilders but also posting social videos frequently to give his thoughts, tips, and analysis of the bodybuilding industry. So of course we were waiting for Dennis James to comment on the latest viral controversy surrounding the sport – Jeremy Buendia’s rant about Men’s Physique triggered by Antoine Vaillant’s joke board shorts posing routine.

The basic breakdown of the controversy is such – Antoine Vaillant jokingly did a posing routine wearing board shorts. Jeremy Buendia didn’t find it funny and actually used it as evidence that pro bodybuilders in bigger sized divisions do not respect Men’s Physique. Jeremy then went on a social media rant that went viral – and people have been picking sides ever since.

So what does Dennis James think about it? Who crossed the line? Find out in the video above compiled here by Fazi Fitness. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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