Dennis James strongly feels that Roelly Winklaar can pull off a Mr. Olympia win.

Now that Phil Heath has lost his throne at the Olympia – anything is possible for the Olympia 2019. Literally anything. Will we get a repeat victory for Shawn Rhoden? Or perhaps Phil Heath will come back with a vengeance and regain his title? If you ask Dennis James though, he thinks Roelly Winklaar has a good shot at getting his own Sandow trophy.

It’s something that many fans would be happy to hear. Roelly has always been a fan favorite for years now – and his massive size only gets bigger and bigger. It makes the crowd go wild. This year proved that he can bring in that size with surprisingly good conditioning. So if he keeps this up… could it be enough to make him the next champ?

Check out the video where Dennis James breaks it down above! If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here!


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