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Dennis Wolf is making some major gains during the off season.

The off season. To many uninitiated to the realm of bodybuilding it sounds like a time to settle down from some tough training, relax the body and indulge a bit with some junk foods. To some extent that last part can be true, depending on which bodybuilder you’re talking about. The rest is simply not an option. Being a professional bodybuilder is accepting the fact that you’re not going to have any time off, that you’ll be pushing yourself to the limit all year round.

The off season is a the time when a professional must reassess his training methods, diet, and physique in order to come back stronger for the next big event. It has to be psychologically taxing. Never having a chance to fully take time off. If you bulk too much on the off season or get the bulk wrong you could be facing negative gains, in other words fat increase. If you change your training regimen up too much then you could also see diminishing returns there as well. Everything has to be mapped out just right to get the perfect results.

Dennis Wolf is a pro who has been pretty consistent when it comes to placing in the top five of any competition he enters. The man has his diet and training program down to a science, so much so that he’s always in top form when the off season comes to a close. You can’t maintain the kind of form that Dennis is known for without having a strategic game plan and a ton of diligence to stick to it.

Dennis is looking to come back strong in his next event and he’s looking pretty impressive for the off season. Take a look at the German standout’s off season arm training routine courtesy of Muscular Development.

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