Ric Drasin explores the evolution of bodybuilding competitions by examining the changes in Venice Beach contests.

Things change, people change, culture changes. This is inevitable – and it’s certainly happened to bodybuilding as an industry over the past 100 years. Ric Drasin has been around to see a large portion of bodybuilding’s evolution starting with the Golden Era of the 70’s. That’s why his latest video is exploring how much the Venice Beach bodybuilding contest has changed since the Golden Era to today… and how that informs the overall evolution of bodybuilding competitions across the globe.

While many of us understand the changes in bodybuilding physiques and the kind of aesthetic each generation of bodybuilders bring to the stage – there are other changes in the overall execution and interest in bodybuilding competitions that are not as often talked about. Check out Ric Drasin‘s video above and learn a little bit on how bodybuilding contests have evolved over the years. You might be surprised by some of the differences.

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