Josh Lenartowicz reveals a tumor on his skull and a week long coma is the reason for dropping out of Olympia 2019.

Josh Lenartowicz announced not too long ago that he had withdrawn from the Olympia 2019. This was a true and sudden shock to his fans. Josh kept the post vague and simply stated that he had to drop out due to “health issues.” Now Josh Lenartowicz has revealed the exact health issue in detail. Speaking with Tony Doherty in a recently uploaded IFBB Pro League Australia video, Josh reveals that he had a rare tumor on his skull.

This was not a brain tumor – as the it had not gone through his skull and into his brain – but it was the same form of tumor his brother had suffered from. Josh quickly took action with doctors to have the tumor removed but due to complications during surgery, Josh was induced into a coma that lasted one week.

Josh Lenartowicz is no conscious and seems to be doing well but has decided to step out of the Olympia so he can further focus on recovery before pushing his body again to compete. Williams Fitness has put together a quick recap video that you can watch above.

This story is still developing and will be updated as more information becomes available. The team here at Generation Iron wishes Josh and his family well wishes during this traumatic time.

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