Kai Greene offers up some knowledge.

At this point everyone realizes that steroids plays a major role in how many bodybuilders are able to pack on tremendous amounts of muscle. But there is a reality about steroid use that many people still haven’t come to grips with.

Kai Greene is a long time bodybuilder with a wealth of knowledge about training, dieting, and all aspects of the endeavor. While he usually avoids talking about the subject of steroid usage, Kai Greene recently decided to speak on the controversial topic. Take a look at the video as Kai Greene talks about the performance enhancing substance.

What do you think of Kai Greene and his advice?

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  1. avoiding the issue , working harder believing in yourself won’t get u any advantages on a bodybuilding stage .Calling yourself a athlete when reliant on drugs is absolutely hilarious .Someone training as a natty wanting to compete and going against other bodybuilders on test then u are clearly in for a huge wakeup call .Kai Greene is clearly in pure denial just like the rest of steroid users thinking they can also get to that level with hard work and good nutrition .Dude you’re there because you are reliant on steroids so less of the hulk hogan bs say your prayers and take your vitamins only your vitamins are anabolic steroids.

    • unless you can be honest and say you take nothing at all are you truly natty? who says what in all nat you me? i say i a nat i take nothing at all just great food and to me if you take a pre-workout your not nat ! or if you take proteins with all types of crap in it are you nat? nope not to me is GI nat nope if you are against juice then you must not watch 90% of sports

    • He isn’t saying that tho he’s saying the average Joe can’t just take more steroids than him and be competitive against him. Steroids growth insulin let these guys push there bodyss to the absolute limit but there also the most dedicated hard working guys in the gym and the likes of me and you if we had access to the very best of everything you can take wouldn’t get us any where near to the level Kai and co are at simple as that.

  2. Es una vergüenza el culturismo…un deporte donde sus atletas dependen de la droga el ESTEROIDE para ser lo que son….CREO QUE MUCHOS VAN A MORIR PRONTO…YA NO LLAMAN LA ATENCION COMO EN EL 80 …AHORA SON GORDOS CON MUSCULOS NADA MAS Y LLENO DE ESTEROIDES

  3. I think you haters are reading far too much in to his message. Whether you are natural or not, you have to put in the work. You can’t put countless injections of steroids in your system and go lay on the couch and expect gains. Kai is %100 correct when he says don’t think that you will lose to a person because they use. You have to out in the time at the gym, gear or no gear, and you have to stay committed to a meal plan. If you want to stay natural then by all means do so. You will only be as good as the work and commitment you put in. Just my opinion….

  4. He is right!… Steroids do not make a champion. In my day I competed against women who were using steroids…I was 100% natural, never touched enhancements…and I beat them. There was no such thing as natural BB competitions back then. Best to train to your full potential….obtain all the gains you can naturally FIRST….then decide your path. It is a personal choice whether to include enhancements or not. Educate yourself and know the risks.

    • Please, do not compare the male competition Physique with a female in a Bikini, wellness or Physique or figure contest. Dont bullshit with that please. I prepare giros totally natty for contest with posibilities to stay in top 3. But it is imposible to compare that with a male Physique, cause is imposible to stay in 90 kg weight in 4% bf totally riped and vasodilated…natty jajaja…. Is a joke… It is like to compare a ferrari with a Ford focus….?????????

    • Yes. Actually they do. With all the hard work and dedication in the world you could not look like that. Key ingredient is steroids. Therefore it is the biggest factor. You could work less hard and diet less strict than a natural lifter, but as long as you are on gear you will look way better.

    • Nope, not always true….at the end of the day it’s all up to the judges 😉 They set the standards to what wins a show.
      You decide what you want to look like, set your own goals…then if you decide on enhancements, proceed with caution. It’s a choice. With all of these zillion divisions now days, there is a place for every physique.

    • Christine , Im in this world of Gym training 16 years. I can say in my own visión of this sport, that is not a questión about divisións to compete…is about to have your body, and if youre a male, you want looks big and ripped…its no way…every guy in the world of this sport want that inside himself…is not about divissions, not about compete, it is about to have that fucking freak body, staying in 95 fucking kg of puré muscle, in a close 4% or bf…and looks round and massive like a marvel súper héro…that is the thing…you complety CANT do it without “enhancement”…to have a great female body without enancement yes it is posible…for that, its good remember that when a woman talks about to make a body….cause is very diferent for a guy…

    • Well, you just proved my point….if your goal is to be massive and go beyond what your body is naturally capable of achieving then you know what you have to do, simple as that. There are plenty of women out there that want to be massive beyond their capabilities as well and again they know what they have to do….Again, it is a choice.
      Steroids do not make a champion. There are plenty of athletes taking them yet never winning a title….

    • Christine Yvonne but in the context of this video we are talking pro bodybuilding. And even at the amateur level you cannot compete naturally if you go to nationals and want to win. Simple as that. Sure you can go to some small town show and win a class in some one off division with 3 people in it, but this video is talking Kai’s level.

    • Yes, point taken, but steroids do not make a champion….. Kai should know afterall he is one. 😉
      Just ask all the competitors who use massive enhancements yet never make it to the top five.
      That is like saying a woman can only win a beauty contest if she has plastic surgery. It may give her an edge, but she needs to have all the other components to win. 😉

    • Thank You!….my boy would be the first to tell people, steroids do not make a champion. There is so much more to it, genetics, diet, butt busting training, perfecting posing, tenacity, determination, drive, passion, pleasing the judges, strong mind to never give up. Steroids cannot help with those things…all is needed to become a champion. Rich was the 3rd. generation of a family of bodybuilders ;-)…..if its one thing we know, it’s bodybuilding. <3

  5. funny how phil heath dodges the issue as well , i think he did said at one point he was natural take a look at the before and after shots in that video and tell me steroids don’t tip the scales to give u a advantages .Kia Greene is in cloud cuckoo land , steroids don’t make u a champion ?really well they certainly helped your career kai greene.

  6. Steroids are oke for who wants to use them… The point is are you giving it all, do you do anything that is needed to get bigger? If not steroids won’t help you be your best.
    I don’t use myself cause I don’t want to compete I just want to get to my natural max.bafter that maybe power don’t no.
    No natural max no roids is what I say!

  7. Hey yo man ishi boy Kai Greene. Here i.m young enthusiast Sahil Bhadana aka Mr never give up I’m world’s first Bodybuilder without using any kind of muscle growth products and steroids because that doesn’t make myself a champion. So can I apply for a Olympia category where Bodybuilder like me can participate and even more than to that I wants to meet you and share my knowledge about these steroids and supplement

  8. They all use Steroids and other drugs. There’s no way that anyone can be 5’6 and weigh nearly 300 pounds with 5% bodyfat without taking drugs. I guess they feel the rewards are greater than the risk but most have Cardiac issues or pass away very early in life.

  9. After watching GI 2 I’m hoping he has as much success and life can give him. Meanwhile you have Von Monger getting by on his looks and Internet fame he can across as extremely dumb and immature and he’s definitely not hungry.


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