The final posing routine of Kevin Levrone.

Ever since Kevin Levrone made his comeback on the 2016 Mr. Olympia stage, he promised he would return again to show a better physique on stage. It may have taken longer than we expected – but he finally lived up to that promise at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018. What he has said is to be his final time posing on stage, fans waited in anticipation to see if he would improve on the physique we saw in 2016. Regardless, what he has shown is impressive after so many years of not competing and should be commended. Do you think he pulled off an even better physique? Check out his posing routine above courtesy of Team Barbell.


  1. The great Kevin Levrone has gained more muscle mass without a doubt and with the age he has, for this top level professional, is really a feat with great value and recognition. Congratulations champion.

  2. He was very thin at the O, good conditioning but lacking in muscle density, which is exactly what he improved on for the Arnold AU. Now if he would have done a better job with the conditioning everyone would have been impressed.
    I don’t think age was much of a factor, more like less experience with how his body reacts at this age.
    I would have loved to see him maintain his O physique and go into the Classic division and go side by side with Flex Wheeler for a classic tribute

  3. Where’s everyone that swore he had his legs back? ‍♂️. 90s Kevin is one of my alltime favs. Arguably fav. But Father Time is undefeated. Dexter never took time off. Hats off to him for trying though

    • I agree 100%, and not sure if the lighting was off or what but his back seemed to kind of wash out, where as in the O his back was appeared much more dry and had that nice 3D pop to it. He got his legs up since the Arnold but no where near 90’s Levrone which is my personal all time favorite physique to hit the body building stage.

  4. It’s a bit of a joke really. This performance has put his Legacy to a poor ending. Those niggling injuries and prolonged recovery time does make a serious difference. But he’s be far the best bodybuilder that never won the Mr Olympian!

  5. It’s sad to see him go out like that. His conditioning wasn’t even good. He looked like he was guest posing in the off season.

    I’m not sure why he even did this show other than giving his fans one more look at him. He knew he wasn’t even in the ballpark.

    That being said, he’s still one of my favorites ever and a total bad ass. It took a lot of balls to even attempt this comeback.

    The bodybuilding community will miss you Kevin!!

  6. I don’t get the negative comments, the guy is 53 and have a better body then most of us that are younger. Maybe be didn’t do this to win maybe he did it cause he just loves the process. Foh with the negatives.

  7. It just amazes me how people can comment that have never stood on a stage and they themselves look like shit. He has been out of the game for many years and has made a remarkable comeback. He has put the hope in many veterans that they too can change there lifestyle and not be couch potatoes like many of you. Take that plank out of your own eye and give him the respect he deserves

  8. I’m 51 THANK GOD I DIIDNT LOOSE MY LEGS this reminds me to keep on hitting my leg routine twice a week once you pass 40 the legs will go, but NOT IF YOU MAKE THEM A PRIORITY

  9. Absolute legend! Don’t forget people 53 years old! So if you make negative comments go hang your head in shame! How many can replicate what Kevin has done? Respect him for having the drive to do it again! Salute Kevin!

    • Are you a pro ball player? Ever said what you think about your sports team?
      A blind potato could tell he shouldn’t ha e been on that stage. No condition. No legs. No back and still looked small next to the other bodybuilders. Ffs he couldn’t even compete again st the two pros from new Zealand d

    • yeah that’s not point guys but definitely not the Kevin we all love but it was about his journey I was there in the flesh and he was dejected but you show me any other 53 old to step on the stage with the current pro division he has given so many people inspiration including myself to step on stage again so I take my hat off to him still a legend in my eyes 👊💪🏽

  10. If Brett Favre came out of retirement after 10 years, came in at the NFC championship game and threw four interceptions and fumbled twice, would you praise him for “motivating” you?? Because that’s equivalent to what Kevin did. I too used to be a fan of Kevin’s, but he should never have came back. He had no chance and I said it from the time he started his “comeback”. I’ll call it like it is… He looked like shit and should not have shared the stage with those guys. Have some respect for CURRENT pros. Someone else deserved that spot on stage.

    • That’s a horseshit comparison. Bodybuilding is a whole different animal at his age. Brady is proving guys can go into their 40s if they don’t get murdered constantly.

      Lifting weights with that intensity like he did to get him to that point is insane for a 53 year old.

      By the way, Brett Favre is 5 years younger than he is believe it or not.

    • Jim Madjecki it wasn’t a comparison, it was an analogy. Im sorry you’re too simple minded to understand.
      Bodybuilding is about one thing, looking good on stage. Kevin would have been more suited to compete at a local show in masters division. Not the ARNOLD CLASSIC. He placed right where he deserved. Dead last. Just like he did at Olympia. Too many guys out there get butt hurt when someone speaks truth to them. Those guys were ALL way ahead of him on that stage this weekend. There are no moral victories. He sucked. End of story.

    • You’re right, bodybuilding is all about looking good on stage. But it’s a subjective sport. Just cuz you wanna be a dick and say kev looks like shit, doesn’t mean everyone else thinks so. My dad loved watching kev in his glory days. And he was ecstatic to see him come back. Sure he placed dead last, he didn’t expect to win. He did it because he loves this shit. There’s one moral victory, he still looks 10 times better than you so, there’s that..

    • Ryan Wagner buuuut everyone else did think so. Including the judges. Which is why he got dead last. Also, he didn’t do it because he loved it. He did it in order to push his supplement line. Dick riders like you ate it up too lol. Real guys like me that know what’s up knew he would flop. It doesn’t make me a dick to speak the truth. But it does make you a pussy that you can’t handle the truth. You can follow me in IG bkitch_1 and see Kevin doesn’t look 10x better then me. So shut the fuck up you no lifting pussy and let the real men give real talk.

    • He’s taking no one’s place in the line up. He’s last so what? Kevin is doing what he loves. I applaud him wanting to comeback. What he’s done at his age, with so much time off is amazing. Of course he won’t be what he once was but he’s still damn good.

    • You are exactly right!! Kevin wasted a spot that a new up and comer could have had. People in Kevin’s camp should have stood up and told him he looked like shit. Two years ago when he got up on the Olympic stage he looked like shit and now for the Arnold he looked even worse out of shape. People stop coming back. That’s why they dis away with the masters class. Too embarrassing!!

  11. One of the biggest and respected bodybuilders of all time…always humble and always stood up to his belief of coming back to the big stage…and…how about being 53 years old….I take my hat off for him…Thank u Kevin! An example to follow for young generations

  12. I think he looked amazing. The only improvement would be that he needs to vacuum his midsection. If he did that then it would have made a huge difference in his symmetry and stage presence.

  13. He looked AMAZING for his age…. but in the context of standing next to elite pro bodybuilders he was waaaayyyy off. Looks like he over carbed to look full and held water.

  14. People getting mad about others judging him. When you compete your putting yourself out there to be judged. You take the good with the bad . He definitely not on that level anymore. Dose look great for a 53 year old man though!

  15. Man between him and Fleex . My all time favourite poses during early 90’s and 00’s and it’s easy to say between the two the best physic bodybuilding has ever seen. Hands down.

  16. The one thing I admire about Kevin is he trained like a beast and the amount of weight he pushed is amazing.Theres nothing negative one could say because he is a warrior.

  17. Kevin is a legend and a good person to go along with that. He inspired many doing this comeback. Wish he would have been leaner but he put on way more muscle since 2016 Mr. O and age 53! I respect that he accomplished that but also that he is an intelligent, Godly man who is going to have much to continue to offer to others in his life in the future.


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