Larry Wheels releases video explaining and denying physical abuse allegations.

Last week, Larry Wheel’s ex-girlfriend,┬áChilasa King, released a video claiming that she had been physically abused by Larry when they were in a relationship together. She even played audio that seemed to back her claims. Larry had been silent in the immediate aftermath of these accusations – but now he has released a video explaining the situation and denying the allegations.

In the video, which you can watch above, Larry Wheels breaks down beat by beat the accusations against him and also explains the audio recording that Chilasa King revealed in her original video. He states that the video depicts a very aggressive and heated argument – but nothing more than that – and that later that night Larry asked Chilasa to leave only for her to refuse. She eventually picked up a knife so Larry called the police. Check out the whole video for yourself above.

Now we’ve heard both side of the story. Surely this will continue to develop as things move forward so stick around Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates as they become available.



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