Forever blunt, Lee Priest lays into fitness YouTubers.

Love it or hate it, Lee Priest has quite the following due to his blunt and honest takes within the bodybuilding industry. He doesn’t dance around subjects or try and play nice. He simply tells it like it is – at least how he sees things in his eyes – without holding back. This has made him a controversial figure for quite sometime. It’s also made him wildly entertaining to follow on a day by day basis.

His latest? Calling out fitness YouTubers for the amount of incorrect information that gets spread around all due to the new generation seeking attention through the internet. On one hand, the internet allows people to have a voice… but the downside to that voice is that you also hear a lot of the white noise. Slowly but surely, that white noise might actually influence people and suddenly you have bad information run amok as actual truth and facts.

Williams Fitness has compiled Lee Priest’s latest rant in the video above. Check it out and let us know if you agree or disagree with his take on the new fitness YouTube culture.

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