Kenny KO digs into recent claim from Chul Soon that his massive physique is all natural.

Chul Soon is a viral mass monster bodybuilder and for good reason. He has an insanely huge physique while also maintaining shredded conditioning. He’s astonishing to see in YouTube videos and social media pictures – and while he doesn’t compete in major competitions of the IFBB like the Arnold Classic or Mr. Olympia, he is still a talented competitive bodybuilder in his own right.

But now Kenny KO has a problem with this very popular bodybuilder and it’s not because of the quality of his physique. It’s because he claims his massive transformation was achieved all natural. Kenny KO doesn’t buy this – he can’t buy this due to how incredibly massive Chul Soon appears.

And while there is no way to prove 100% whether the statement is true or not – you can take a look at any natural bodybuilding competition and compare their size and physique to Chul Soon’s… and you’ll notice a massive difference.

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