Kenny KO is completely mind boggled by the existence of Rahki G.

Kenny KO has made a name for himself by looking up popular fitness influencers and calling them out for misleading the public with things like fake weights or photoshopped gains. But when he came across the videos and photos of Rahki G – he was completely stunned. This was because there were no signs of photoshop in sight… yet she still has legs that are so massive the defy reality.

We are not passing any judgement here on Rahki G – if these are legit legs built up with hard work that is fantastic and we wanted to showcase just how insane her legs really look by sharing this video. The mere fact that Kenny KO cannot find any signs of faking it is a testament to how insane Rahki G really is.

Now Kenny jumps into making assumptions about possible synthol or implant surgery – but these are all guesses and can in no way be proved with even the slightest of evidence. So we are just going to hunker down and marvel at the insanity of Rahki G – the she hulk of fitness based off her videos and pictures. Check it out above!

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