Vince Brasco is the world’s shortest bodybuilder, firefighter, and one hell of a beast.

In modern bodybuilding and especially in the Men’s Open division we often talk about size and mass. Fans and athletes alike seem to be constantly searching for the biggest bodybuilder in the world to step on stage and blow minds. It’s a mass monster syndrome that has been in the collective bodybuilding consciousness ever since Dorian Yates stepped on stage and blew people’s minds with his size and conditioning. Ronnie Coleman followed up after Dorian with an even bigger look that cemented the mass monster era that still churns forward today.

But bodybuilding isn’t only about size which has been proven by the vast amount of other divisions that the IFBB and NPC have launched in the past decade – most recently with the Classic Physique division. Bodybuilding is about the aesthetic, conditioning, and size relative to the frame of the man. Which is why content partner Williams Fitness has highlighted Vince Brasco in his latest video. He’s the world’s shortest bodybuilder with one hell of a physique and a beast in the gym. He’s also the world’s shortest firefighter. Maintaining a bodybuilding physique while also working as a full time firefighter is no easy feat – but Vince pulls it off effortlessly.

If you want to see Vince in action, make sure to check out the video above breaking down a quick bio of the man and also showcasing his physique and training in the gym. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Williams Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.



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