Nathan De Asha makes an off the cuff joking comment on Instagram claiming “fake muscle” beat him at the Vancouver Pro.

This past weekend, Hadi Choopan shocked the bodybuilding community by not only competing in the Men’s Open division – but also winning over fan favorite Nathan De Asha. This in and of itself is an impressive feat as transferring into a different division should technically put Hadi at a disadvantage… yet he persevered and succeed a the Vancouver Pro.

But now reports show that Nathan De Asha doesn’t think he was beaten fair and square – or at least he is jokingly claiming this at the very least. In a recent Instagram post made by Nathan De Asha – Nathan eventually commented back at a fan claiming “The oil beat me. Fake muscle lol.”

You can check out the Instagram post and comment in the latest pro bodybuilding update compilation video put together by Fazi Fitness above. Even if Nathan is simply joking – do you think it’s a fair comment to make about Hadi Choopan? Let us know in the comments.

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