Under new training mentorship, Big Ramy is working to win Olympia 2019.

One of the more shocking stories for many Big Ramy fans during Olympia 2018 was his poor performance compared to a close-victory in 2017. The disappointment was heard so loud that Big Ramy and the Camel Crew apologized for letting everyone down having a physique that was a step lower from his 2017 showing.

The shocks didn’t stop there though – Big Ramy shortly after left Kuwait, left Oxygen Gym, and found himself a new trainer in the form of Neil Yoda Hill. Having changed up nearly every element of his training plan and situation, the big question now becomes will these changes be enough to put Big Ramy in the number one spot at this year’s Olympia?

Williams Fitness has put together a new glimpse of Big Ramy training under Neil Yoda Hill. Check it out above and let us know if you think this is the beginning of a band new (and possible Olympia champ version) Big Ramy.

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