Watch Brandon Curry, William Bonac, and Hadi Choopan square off in the Olympia 2019 finals top 3 callout.

Things just kept getting more and more exciting for the Men’s Open at the Olympia 2019. Not only did Hadi Coopan get pulled into the top 4 callout during the prejudging – but he was also ranked up to the top 3 callout during the finals comparison round! Whether you like it or hate it that this lineup was limited due to missing athletes such as Shawn Rhoden, Phil Heath, and Big Ramy, one statement remained completely true – this was a wide open division this year and the top 3 pulled here is a perfect example of that.

Each of these three athletes have their pros and cons but only one can be the Mr. Olympia 2019 champion. What is most exciting about this year is how evenly matched these top competitors are – making the finals comparison round much more of an “edge of your seat” type of moment for many fans and certainly for the athletes competing on stage.

Williams Fitness has compiled the top 3 finals callout in a new video replay that you can check out above. If you weren’t in Vegas or missed the live stream – this replay is the perfect opportunity to see just how much of a battle this year’s Olympia 2019 Men’s Open was right down to the finish. Check it out above!

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