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Raw footage from Phil Heath’s first full length interview after losing Olympia 2018.

History was made this weekend when Shawn Rhoden toppled Phil Heath from his Mr. Olympia throne. And while every Olympia brings hope of a shakeup or upset – many believed that Phil Heath was too perfect to be defeated. Even more so, many believed and stated that Big Ramy was the only one who could come close to taking him down. This weekend proved all of that wrong – Big Ramy did not land in the top 3 and Shawn Rhoden was the on to take down the “impossible to beat” Phil Heath.

Phil Heath made his first official statement on Instagram a few hours after the Olympia 2018 finals. Now we finally have some raw footage of Phil Heath’s first extended interview going into detail about his loss and more importantly about the rumors floating around that he will retire.

Check out the full interview above courtesy of Williams Fitness. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Williams Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.