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The king has been dethroned stopping Phil Heath just short of tying the world record.

A shocking moment happened last night at the Olympia 2018. Phil Heath, the seven time reigning champion, was dethroned by Shawn Rhoden. What seemed impossible was made possible… and to many it came from the most unlikely of places.

While many were hoping Big Ramy would be the one to dethrone Phil, with many experts even claiming Big Ramy is the ONLY one who could do it, it was Shawn Rhoden’s quiet determination that laid the final blow.

After seven years of being a victor, many wondered what kind of loser Phil Heath would be. Would he be humble? Would he be angry? Would he be cocky? Well now we finally have our answer in the form of a quick and positive video posted on Instagram to his fans. Check out Phil Heath’s official statement after losing the Olympia 2018 above!

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