The most powerful supplement you have is your mind.

As technology and science advances – so too does health, fitness, and bodybuilding. Not only has science improved how we shape our bodies but the digital era has made it easier for us to stay informed and get the correct information faster. This has lead to much talk in bodybuilding about the right kind of supplements to take in order to perfect your training and your diet. In order to fine tune your physique to a new level that previous decades have never seen before. But sometimes with all this talk of supplements, new studies, and “the new amazing training technique you never heard of” – it all becomes white noise. Suddenly, many people forget one of the most important facets about health and fitness. The one key ingredient that every single bodybuilder needs to become great – and that is the right mindset.

No supplement made Ronnie Coleman the greatest bodybuilder in the world. It was his mind, willpower, and determination that moved him past perceived limits and into a new category of champion all together. No supplement can turn a unmotivated person into a mass monster champion. The supplements are just that – as supplement to the main course you should already have inside of you. There’s no way to skip the hard, hard work that goes into changing your mind and body into that of a champion. The video above by Makaveli Motivation showcases just that. Check it out in full above!

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  1. why don’t u show some f**kin’ natty’s who are not drug dependent and have busted their arse to gain muscle naturally ? no matter how strong a mindset u can’t build that kinda size if you’re not on f**kin’ gear m/

    • Leonid that’s not point , they tell us lies like we are dumb and we don’t know they spend shit load of money on juice …. tell the truth or don’t talk shit we know it (meaning on those pro guys yup set your mind and you will be big and strong hahaha )

    • Well it’s obvious he is on juice
      Bottom line is no one cares if they are natty or not. Honestly majority claim to be natty aren’t. The men and women who juice and don’t. Follow the same diets and routines. The juice and gh just allows them to use their workouts and their food intake more efficiently. Either way dieting and training and staying home when your friends are out to dinner because your training sucks. That’s where the strong mind comes in.


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