Bodybuilding Motivation: Ronnie Coleman is the ultimate inspiration.

With each passing year, Ronnie Coleman’s legendary status grows and grows. There has yet to be anyone to top the kind of presence, size, and physique that Ronnie was able to bring in his prime. He changed the game in a way that current athletes have been chasing after ever since… and no one has reached his level yet.

In that way, Ronnie Coleman is the ultimate bodybuilding inspiration and his famous old school training videos and Olympia posing routines remain some of the most exciting and motivating footage ever caught on camera. Thankfully the internet has made that footage easier than ever to see – and it continues to inspire an entire new generation of not just bodybuilders but content creators.

That’s why Raiden Motivation has put together what might be the best bodybuilding motivation video centered on Ronnie Coleman ever created. Combining epic music to perfectly match Ronnie’s perfect physique and lifts – this bodybuilding motivation video is the perfect tool to help kick start your workouts over this weekend. Check it out above and make sure to bookmark it for repeat viewings right before you hit the gym.

You can also get further inspiration by checking out Ronnie Coleman: The King – our feature length documentary on the life and times of Ronnie Coleman. Check it out here.

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