Shawn Ray living in the shadow of ‘The Shadow.’

Shawn Ray is a virtual history book of bodybuilding. If you talk with him for just 1 minute you will realize this. Shawn Ray may have been a top class bodybuilding competitor – but his passion for bodybuilding never died after his retirement from the stage. He has always lived and breathed bodybuilding… and it shows in every word he speaks.

That’s why we are proud to officially announce our upcoming new GI Original Series – Bodybuilding Chronicles with Shawn Ray. Focusing on more than just Shawn’s historical knowledge of bodybuilding events – Shawn also brings in his personal viewpoint from the biggest moments that he was a part of or witness to. For the first time ever get a first hand account and oral history on some of the biggest bodybuilding moments in the history of the sport.

Check out this preview clip from our premiere episode focused on the chronicles between Shawn Ray and his rival Dorian Yates. In the clip above, Shawn talks about a heated moment backstage at the 1996 Mr. Olympia where his competitive fire and the pressure of the moment lead Shawn to make some intense accusations behind the stage… and led to a yelling match between Shawn and Steve Wienberger. When the heat is on anything can happen.

Bodybuilding Chronicles premieres January 29th only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Watch the preview clip above!

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