WATCH: The Best Training Partner Is A Horse, Apparently

Watch this woman do some light training with a little help from a living, breathing horse.

For some, finding the perfect training partner is a heavy task. You need someone that will help motivate you to become even better – not weigh you down and make your workouts worse. If your immediate close group of friends don’t offer that kind of gym support for you – it can be challenging to find someone out there to help. Well this quick clip courtesy of GymFuckery might have the answer for you – get a horse.

No of course, not really. But this video showcases a woman doing some light training with some help from a horse. It’s strange. It’s funny. And you wonder if the horse even knows what is going on. But if you want something to help give you a laugh midway through the week – this is for you. Check it out below:

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