The clash of titans will commence at Olympia 2018.

If you weren’t already hyped enough for the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2018 – then you’re about to get even more fired up. Our content partners, Varyjer Motivation, have put together the most epic and soul burning Olympia 2018 bodybuilding motivation video showcasing the top pro bodybuilders that will face off in September. This Olympia just might bet he culmination of years in the making – perhaps the most exciting Olympia in quite some time.

It’s the first time that Big Ramy seems to have a chance against Phil Heath (after a very intense battle last year) and with a world record tying eight Sandow trophies on the line for Phil… that makes the stakes that much more high flying. And the other top competitors are hungry too – leaving room for anything to happen in Vegas.

All of this tension is perfectly encapsulated in this bodybuilding motivation video above. Check it out and count down the days until Olympia 2018!

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