These top bodybuilders are hard at work improving themselves for 2018.

With every passing year the opportunity to become the best of the best looms heavily over the top competitors in bodybuilding. With every year, the possibility of the top bodybuilders missing a step becomes more and more likely. As such, every competitor understands that if they don’t put their best foot forward then their dreams of greatest will be just that; dreams.

Nathan De Asha, William Bonac, Shawn Rhoden and a host of other competitors are prepping themselves for a big push int he 2018 season. With Phil Heath and Big Ramy at the top of the heap, the other top contenders in the Open Weight division are looking to capitalize on any weakness and improve on their own strengths in order to claim the title of the best.

The video, courtesy of Fazi Fitness, showcases some of these top contenders as they put in work at the gym in hopes of taking their physiques to the next level. Take a look now!

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