Ric Drasin shows some less-used alternate workouts that can bring big results to your physique.

Bodybuilding training can become repetitive – workouts in general are a system of lifts designed (to a degree) to be repetitive. Do X amount of reps and X amount of sets. It’s this repetition that can often lead the average Joe to abandoning exercise. It can get boring. And when boring meets hard work it can all fall apart very quickly.

But it is also an often misconception that this repetition can’t be switch up. It’s quite the opposite actually, an athlete should make a point to change up their workout routine int he long run to prevent plateaus. Our body adapts to the challenges we give it – and variety leads to “confusing” your body and leading to bigger gains.

That’s why Ric Drasin has created this video showcasing some alternate workouts that can lead to great results in the gym. There might be some options in here you didn’t consider – so check it out above!

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