Breaking down Roelly Winklaar’s road to Mr. Olympia 2019.

With the lineup shaken up and Roelly Winklaar showing improvements with each passing year – there are a lot of wild cards present in what can happen with the final placings later this year at the Mr. Olympia 2019. The usual battle of Phil Heath vs whoever will no long be a factor – and Big Ramy doesn’t seem to be showing up this year due to his earlier injury.

This opens up the floor to a lot of possibilities. Including Roelly Winklaar stepping up and bringing a package better than ever before. If he does that, he just might be able to top Shawn Rhoden for the Sandow trophy.

Content partner Williams Fitness breaks down Roelly’s progress throughout 2019 and considers the other factors and variables that have been spinning around as we head towards the Olympia. Check it out above!

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